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a deadly explosion followed by shootings and a second location. it's the worst attack in a european capital in decades. good afternoon. we begin with this violent attack in norway that killed seven people and gunfire at a youth camp outside of oslo connected with that blast. authorities say they have
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arrested a suspect. [ sirens ] >> it's the worst attack on norway since world war ii. a massive explosion tore through government buildings, including the prime minister's office. the prime minister, though, was working at home today and was not hurt. and a square in oslo where the nobel peace prize was awarded was covered with shattered glass and twisted metal. in addition to the seven fatalities in oslo, at least 15 others were injured. shortly after that explosion, a gunman dressed as a police officer opened fire at a labour party youth camp on utoya island, about a half hour away from oslo. there are unconfirmed reports that at least a dozen people were killed. this comes as oslo is investigating a home grown terrorist cell linked to al-
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qaeda. at home, police say that a young man who died after exchanging gunfire with police appeared to have killed himself with his own gun. police are still trying to find the weapon which they believe was stolen from the scene. but the police chief says that test shows that the young man killed himself. >> the bullet which was removed from his head is not consistent with the service ammunition used by the san francisco police department. >> you know, people could cover a lot of stuff up. you never know. >> reporter: that criticism reflects some of the controversy over the shooting. wednesday night, an angry crowd shouted down police chief greg sir at a bay view town hall meeting to ease the tension. tensions still remain high in san francisco's xavier neighborhood today where a ground breaking ceremony for a
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new library became the focus of anger over the police shooting and also jobs. >> you know me. i'm not giving up on any community. >> i understand that, but that's not worth it, man. >> community activists have been using the police shooting to renew the call to get jobs to keep young people out of trouble. some say that the city has reneged on the promise for 25 apprenticeship. >> we are not just asking this young man's death as a turnover but as an opportunity to get something that's supposed to be happening for the community. >> the new opening of the ply prairie is part of a bond measure to repair or build new libraries across the city demanding labor rights. that is the purpose of a march happening right now in downtown oakland. kraig debro joins us now to explain who is behind this
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event. evening, kraig >> reporter: more than 1200 union workers -- and that's a conservative estimate -- and their supporters are holding a rally and taking stock of what is becoming rare in this country and that is a union worker. people arrived here at the downtown marriott. this is organized by the asian pacific labor alliance. asians make up just 10% of all union members but supporters here say that the union is helping people who are not even in unions. last month, the woman who convicted of workers commission robbed, the union helped her get the sentence down to ten years. you guys are getting how much for 60 hours of work a week? >> this girl is a sister, okay? she is a sister to us all.
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give a warm welcome to secretary of labor. >> reporter: feliz ace supporter of unions. she told the conventioners that in states where unions are under attack in republican states. >> we know that collective bargaining give them that seat to demand that right, to gave them a workable wage to give them the dignity. >> despite the union success, the number of union members is also shrinking across the country. the department of labor statistics say that less than 12% are union members, down from more than 600,000 last year. still, union members make more than 40% of all public union employees members the family of brian stow
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told police they have nothing to say about the dramatic shakeup in the search for those who beat stow. the lapd says this man, ramirez, is no longer considered a suspect in the beating. police arrested two other men yesterday but have released no details about their identity. tomorrow of stow's friends expressed dismay and hope following the new turn in the investigation. >> we just have to hope that the investigators are following good leads and making good decisions and all we can do is hope and pray that they are on the right path to doing this. >> i will be cautiously optimistic considering that we thought they had the right person before. we have to adjust and wait to see on this to see if they got the right person, the right two people at this time. >> stow remains hospitalized at san francisco general hospital. he had been in a deep coma but his family says he is now awake and can open his eyes and does reresponsibility to some
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command. >> fire investigators think that drug making in the milled of the night blew up on one oakley man. it happened at night. >> reporter: this is what is left of 202 fourth street. an arson investigator took us inside to show us what firefighters found 100 of these super refined butane container. a neighbor found the man who lived here on the lawn. >> we made sure that he didn't move. he was in awful pain. he didn't have a stitch of clothing. >> we were sleeping. we heard the explosion. he was crying for help. my husband came out. >> reporter: pair medics paramedics air lifted the man to the hospital. >> my first, you know, thought
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was our house was on fire as well. it's pretty scary. >> the amount of fire coming out of the back of the house with power lines hampered the arrival of the orangeal engine company. >> the investigator documented the accelerant to heat the marijuana down to oil. >> we have have butane cylinders and containers used inappropriately that have caused fires and caused significant damage. >> damage and injuries which the fire district hopes acts as a hazard warning. in oakley, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. an all-day meeting is underway to discuss painful cutbacks for san francisco courts. state budget court will force san francisco superior court to
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lay off 200 staff members and close 25 courtrooms. the california judicial council began a meeting to discuss the allocations of the money there is still no consensus on the debt ceiling debate as the senate voted down a gop bill that would have slashed the government spending. tea party republicans remain adamant about not raising any taxes while president obama calls for a mix of deep budget cuts and new revenue. the president and congressional leaders will meet behind closed doors this weekend to try and hammer out a compromise that can get the support of enough conservative and liberal members of the house to win passage. and congress will have to pass a new funding bill by the end of the day to avoid a partial shutdown of the federal
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aviation administration. if the federal government is shut down, planes would still fly and air traffic controllers would still work. but about 4000 employees would be out of work tomorrow. there are three issues becaused, the funding. the number of flights allowed at reagan airport and union restrictions. ahead be why people are seeing a lot of smoke around parts of the south bay. >> people home that the weekend will be like. as the dangerous heat wave continues in other parts of the nation, we'll tell you what thieves are doing to take advantage of it.
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firefighters spent the night battling a grass fire near livermore. the flint fire started last night. it purnd at least 600 acres the news chopper 2 was over the area and took this picture this morning. the fire was mostly out. no injuries have been reported and no structures have been
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burned. fire crews in the north bay are on a day long firefighting exercise in san raphael. crews from notahto and southern marin county are also taking part in this control burn near highway 101 and st. sprint sent drive. the exercise will go on until about 3:00 p.m. secretary of defense leon panetta is expected to announce the end of "don't ask, don't tell today". even though the former cia chief has been on the job for a few weeks, he was officially just sworn in a few hours ago. >> do you solemnly swear -- >> the decision to certify the repeal of the ban ongays and lesbians serving in the military comes seven months after the president signed the bill into law. within 60 day, it will no longer be enforced.
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underage drinking was only one of the illegal activities going on last night on walnut avenue near farm bureau road. officers say there were close to 300 people at the home gathered for a birthday party for a 17-year-old girl. the teenager things got out of hand when party goers started throwing bottles at police officers. >> i caught a couple of people throwing stuff at the police and saying stuff to them, but i was like, you need to, like, respect them. they are doing their job. >> reporter: no officers were hurt. the homeowner was arrested for disturbing the peace and receiving what police say were two stolen motorcycles. we are learning that some of pg&e's missing safety records may have ended up in the trash. pg. was supposed pg&e was supposed to turn over document -- pg&e was supposed to turn over documents. but a top official acknowledged
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that they may have been thrown out. the documents likely got lost during a move from a san francisco office to a new location in walnut creek. the developments were revealed in a new report released yesterday. a deadly heat wave tips to hang over much of the country. the oppressive blast of hot hair and humidity is making life miserable for many people. >> heat, heat and more heat. the national weather service is issuing hot weather warnings across the u.s. temperatures are predicted to be at or near triple digits today and throughout the weekend. we are using sun screen and throwing water over us. we don't know more to do. >> reporter: officials reported at least six more fatalities
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across the area. this is a heat wave for the books, according to meteorologists. a whopping 98 all time overnight highs also set so far this summer. >> you do need to take breaks, cool off. >> as the mercury rises, so do the 911 calls. we have simple calls for simple dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and, of course, the worst, heat stroke and countless number of other pre- existing conditions that is aggravated by this weather. >> with no end in sight, doctors continue to stress the important of staying hydrated and keeping an eye on those most at risk, that being the children and elderly some thieves in the midwest are taking advantage of the heat wave, breaking into people's homes by simply
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pushing in window air conditioners. they are targeting air conditioners that are not bolted down. in milwaukee, wisconsin, police say there have been many cases and in 11 of those cases, the burglars took the units as well. good afternoon to you. the a c will be running for our inland areas into the weekend. temperatures right about normal. giving you a live look, you can see the low clouds beginning to burn off although lingering. you can see up and down the coast, we've got the cloud cover. starts right about pacifica past half moon day, santa cruz and monterey. if we head north off the marin coach, it goes all the way north into fort bragg, temperatures very similar to yesterday, slightly cooler in those delta influence areas because we have a better
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onshore breeze. let's take a look at the temperatures, mid-70s san jose. upper 70s in some of our warmer areas. livermore, napa at 69 degrees. and santa rosa right now, 63. temperatures will be rebounding once again but along the coast line, we can be tough to clear. here we are, it didn't budge much by the evening hours as early as sunset, we could see some of the low cloud returning to the area. satellite view, this trough here is what helped to bring back the onshore breeze. for the afternoon, we're going to be shading our temperatures just a little bit. we're going to be right about where we shut be with seasonal temperatures heading into the weekend, mostly sunny skies, wind picking up a little bit, but not too bad, 15 miles per hour, just a gorgeous day.
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83 degrees reported in santa rosa. east bay locations, upper 60s to 70s. we are back into the 80s and 90s. we are looking at 75 for san bruno for the afternoon. mostly cloudy skies, 66 degrees in san francisco. checking in on your week, not a lot of change going on there. we could see temperatures just fluctuate ever so subtly as we move through saturday and sunday. partly cloudy skies. again, soirt of right where we should be. not bad at all. right. the going out of business sales begin today forborders
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book stores. the land lords of the palo alto location turned the old sheeter into a borders bookstore. some members of the community hope to rekindle their effort to reclaim that place. >> now that borders is leaving the facility, i think there is community support for looking at this as a theater or performing arts center again. >> the land lord has said he homes to find another big retailer for that location. a bankruptcy judge approved the company's liquidation plan yesterday for its remaining 399 u.s. stores. the nfl lockout continues today despite owners agreeing to a tentative deal toned the four-month work stoppage. the deal was approved by every team, exempt the oakland raiders who abstained. players did not vote saying they had not seen a full proposal.
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if the players agree to the adocument, doors to be open as early as tomorrow. >> we crafted an agreement that is good for the game of football, good for the players, good for the clubs and most importantly good for our game and for our fans. the first game on the preseason schedule the august 7th hall of fame game has already been canceled. still ahead, where you can take a trip across the pond. >> and where people are having a ball in the way area for a good cause.
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taking a live look at wall street on wall street. a mixed day the caterpillar down but good news for chip makers helping nasdaq up 82. hundreds of people are playing golf in the south bay to raise money for local cancer organizes. the annual have a ball golf tournament kicked off this morning in sunny vale. the tournament will benefit local cancer organizations and national. cancer survivor and event founder bob hammer talked about one of the sponsors this morning. >> we are putting a bet on the green and randy is going to be here from randy mancini sleep world. if you land the ball on the green on the bed, you will take
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the bed home. >> ktvu's sports director mark ibanez will be sponsoring another hole for autism. >> and there are 56 corporate sponsors. the charity benefits 20 local and national charity organizations including the lance armstrong foundation kate middleton's wedding dress goes on display tomorrow in buckingham palace. visitors will be able to stay a few feet from the crown. the display will also feet iew the tiara a south bay spokesman is being held as a hero. how he swung into action to save a family's home and the entire apartment complex. you will hear from the family and the postman tonight and the don't ask, don't tell policy about gays in the military is expected to be
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repealed. we plan to be with the bay area commander when she gets the call from president obama. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. fast! from here?
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